“Vellichor” The Intelligent And Nostalgic New Single By The Trusted Is Out Now

Published on 15 October 2021 at 21:52

Words: Kyle Anderson


Vellichor” tells the tale of nostalgia, using the past as a drug to combat todays pains. Defined as the “smell of old bookshops”, “Vellichor” is the apt title of the track as the feeling created when you think of old book shops is nostalgic, with the smell of old emotions and the passing of time.


The protagonist of the story is distraught and unhappy at the way in which their life has turned out. Longing for the olden days or previous times in life, they are horrified at the world as it is today. Having no greater meaning than today, the song was penned during lockdown with the world changing before our very eyes and bringing even more relevance to the song and the longing for seeking solace in the past.


“Vellichor” has a classy arrangement with the right amount of bass drops to set hearts racing whilst being filled with soaring guitars blended with pulsing synths. With the music representing its title as the band create a sound for today which very much reflects to their heritage, The Trusted control the song perfectly with a cool electro feel throughout. With the recently created word “Vellichor” utilised, the band's powerful then gentle interchange between the refrains and the driving rhythm showcase the songs unique lyric, encapsulating the sense of dissatisfaction at ones life and the passing of time.


Photo: Sweet Sugar Brown


The Trusted come with a long list of praise including EarMilk, Gigslutz, American Songwriter and BBC and International Radio airplay. Further to this, the band were earmarked by Tom Robinson (BBC 6) Fresh on the Net , Gary Crowley BBC Radio London and Amazing Radios Charlie Ashcroft.


Known for mind-blowing live sets, The Trusted have gigged at prestigious venues all over the UK and have completed an impressive two successful European Tours.


“Vellichor” the new single by The Trusted is out now on all major streaming platforms.








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