Rising Bedroom-Pop Duo THE BOOK CLUB Release Second Single 'Pursuit Of Happiness'

Published on 16 October 2021 at 21:39

By Alyce Ruby




Bedroom-pop duo, The Book Club, have released their second single ‘Pursuit Of Happiness’ – following their debut ‘Flowers Grow’, released last year. 


Consisting of Jake Hilton, a Music Production student at BIMM, hailing from Buckinghamshire and Emily Price – a classically-trained singer who’s studied at The Purcell School, from Hertfordshire. The two met as pre-teens at a music camp then eventually joined forces to form The Book Club in 2019.


Speaking on the new single, the duo said: “Pursuit of Happiness’ is about learning to stop searching for that next hit of dopamine and instead utilise the people and opportunities around you to give you happiness. Pursuit of Happiness init.”


‘Pursuit of Happiness’ fuses elements of pop, indie and rock resulting in a totally unique sound – yet it feels almost nostalgic. Emily’s ethereal, powerful vocals are a stark contrast to the energetic, indie heavy music yet complimentary as together they create this dream-like, euphoric soundscape. It’s clear that in the short time the talented duo has been creating music as a band, they’ve found their sound. 



I’m excited to hear what else The Book Club has in store for us as they grow, and with no doubt, climb the charts. 


‘Pursuit of Happiness’ is available now on major streaming platforms.








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