CUE DOT RECORDS Announce Cue Dot 010 - Scissorgun - 'Psychological Colouring Book'

Published on 17 October 2021 at 12:49

By Paul Laird

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Cue Dot Records have reached number 10.

La decima.


This is a cause for celebration.

After releases from the likes of Sad Man, Veryan, Moth Effect and R. Seiliog as well as a collaboration with 1 of 100 they have become one of the most creative, adventurous and important labels in the UK.


With a clear visual identity, a commitment to releasing electronic sounds from all across that genre, a desire to build a community ahead of building a brand and a tangible sense of joy in every aspect of their work, they are something quite special.


There are iconic labels throughout the history of independent music from Postcard and Rough Trade to Factory and Creation…Cue Dot are now, without question, deserving of a seat at the table beside those icons.


Volume 10 promises something that connects, directly, with one of those iconic lables with a release from Scissorgun who feature Alan Hempsall on vocals.  Hempsall, of course, was a founder member of the iconic Crispy Ambulance.  “The Plateau Phase” (FAC32) was released in 1982 and is a post-punk classic.


Now, almost 40 years later, Scissorgun will find a place alongside a similarly diverse range of independent artists as those that surrounded the Ambulance at Factory.  Their new album “Psychological Colouring Book” promises to be a fabulous mix, mash and mess of their usual/unusual influences and inspirations.

If you care about music, if you care about independent music, if you care about art, if you care about community…you should be supporting what is going on at Cue Dot.

You can pre-order “Psychological Colouring Book” by Scissorgun from Cue Dot on October 24th here

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