HAWKE THE BAND//Redeemers - Tribeca, Manchester 16/10/21

Published on 20 October 2021 at 17:15

Words/Pics: By Alyce Ruby


Live music is back, and I’ve had the pleasure of my first two gigs ‘post-covid’ seeing Irish duo, HAWKE THE BAND. On Saturday night in Manchester, they graced the basement stage of TriBeCa with support from the city’s natives - Redeemers. 


Redeemers kicked the evening off with a jolt of energy that could warm any crowd up. The up and comers may not have been performing to their target audience, but had everyone up on their feet with addictive guitar riffs, blood pumping basslines and classic Manc vocals we know and love. The set ended stronger than it began (if possible) with tracks I need released ASAP: ‘Peace of Mind’, ‘Wonderland’ and ‘Venue Affair’. 


Despite having only formed in 2019, the band have found their signature sound seemingly with ease, and cohesively perform like seasoned musicians. I’m sure over time they will learn to interact with the crowd more comfortably –  but definitely worth catching them live and it’d be a pleasure to see them again. In the meantime, I’ll be listening out for the debut album!




HAWKE THE BAND then took to the stage, and immediately from the first chords of ‘Pinch Me (Am I Dreaming?)’ had the room of adoring fans up, dancing and singing every single word. With a rendition of ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’, there wasn’t a single person not joining in (I mean, they even had me singing along). Eoghan MacMahon and Richard Power’s confidence and energy onstage is infectious – their interactions and relationship with the audience is something quite special.



We were treated to a couple acoustic numbers with ‘Proposal’ and ‘If I’d Made the World’ - showing the boys stripped back and truly proved their vocal prowess. The crowd seemed to light up at fan favourites ‘Did You Know’, ‘Molly’ and the duo’s latest single ‘Limo’ (a personal favourite). 


Despite the technical difficulties thrown at both bands, they all pulled it off professionally and put on a fantastic show. Having seen HAWKE THE BAND twice now, I’ll definitely be going again – they have the charisma and talent to keep you engaged throughout the whole set, you won’t be disappointed. 


HAWKE THE BAND's tour continues tomorrow in London. Tickets are available here.

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