"Feel Again Soon" The Captivating Debut EP From SOPHIE EDWARDS Is Out Now

Published on 30 October 2021 at 13:53

Photo: Meg Houghton

Words: Kyle Anderson


Kicking off the EP's single releases in November 2020, Sophie Edwards released “Seconds” a track exploring the theme of feeling exhausted and numb in life. With a tilt of her cap to the title of the 6 track EP, “Seconds” lends part of its lyrics to the EP title. “Next” the immersive single followed the release of “Seconds” in September.


Sophie Edwards is a singer-songwriter from Canberra and found herself achieving big moments throughout 2020 with the outstanding news that she had won both a mentorship with KLP-led Ricchohet MATES and the Women in Music Mentor Program for the Australian Independent Record Labels Association.


Pushing on with the previous years success, Sophie started 2021 with a mini-tour of her own with shows in Central West NSW, Wollongong, Canberra and Melbourne. Continuing the momentum she established “She’s on the Bill” a Canberra music project which aims to create safer spaces for non-male musicians to create and perform and provide job opportunities to non-male off stage workers also.


Written over the course of 4 years, “Feel Again Soon” the highly anticipated debut EP by Sophie Edwards, 

The collection of songs touches on feelings and situations that aren’t often found in music in each of the tracks, such as being left on read, feeling the world is way too big a place and being the mediator in a fight.


Photo: Meg Houghton


Impressively arranging all the instrumentation herself, Sophie ensured each element had its place in every song and was as authentic and real as it could be. The EP was recorded during lockdown with Sophie’s live band and is an excellent collection serving as her first major release of her career.


The excellence and beauty of Sophie’s vision and hard work is brought to the forefront via track “Mining on the Moon”, the only string-led track on the EP , highlighting her brilliant musical understanding of instrumentation. 


“Feel Again Soon” the stunning debut EP by Sophie Edwards released via Vacant Room Records is out now on all major streaming platforms.






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