REGENT Release "You Blow My Mind" - The Best Britpop Anthem Since the 90's

Published on 30 October 2021 at 14:16



A song that plays out like the best Britpop anthem we’ve heard since the 90’s itself, Regent’s new release ‘You Blow My Mind’ will get you on your feet in a heartbeat. The rock ‘n’ rollers of Southampton would look better suited to the boisterous boulevards of Manchester.


Taking inspiration from the seminal songbooks of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and the masterful melodies of their many Britpop acolytes, Regent revels in the works of those past masters and carry their mantle on to a new generation. Paying tribute to those who came before along the way, the four-piece from the south are paving a bright future for the genre.


The outfit have accumulated an abundance of praise for their last few singles, being hailed for their forward thinking take on classic rock. They have conjured airplay across the globe, with plays from BBC Introducing, Radio X, and even Sirius XM in America. Already taken to the hearts of their devoted local fanbase, Regent are now well accustomed to sell-out shows in Southampton, with word quickly spreading to other corners of the UK and beyond.


Now, their focus turns towards continuing their run of success, counting on ‘You Blow My Mind’ to reap the rewards it so dearly deserves. This emotional anthem sees the group showcase their vulnerability, opening with lulling guitar chords and candid vocals, before delving into a stunningly impactful climax. 


Centered around found love, lasting promises, and the hope that comes with new beginnings, the track is a unique addition to the group’s discography, showing off their songwriting skills, artistic vision, and sheer vulnerability at its fullest. You do not want to miss this one.


"You Blow My Mind" is out now on all major streaming platforms.


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