"Late Night Call” The Brilliant New Single By BERLYN Is Out Now

Published on 31 October 2021 at 14:32

Photo:  Alpha Sierra

Words: Kyle Anderson


Late Night Call” narrates the story of not wanting to let someone know that you are falling for them. As this person is hard to get, it's about you playing hard to get in return. Filled with confident and playful energy, a memorable hook and head-nodding vibes, although the deep subject matter, the track falls within the lighter side of the indie spectrum.


Sitting as her third studio single, “Late Night Call” is a completely authentic track from the talented singer-songwriter BERLYN and brings with it a humbling matter-of-factness about the lyrics which is balanced out with excellent anthemic energy. Taking inspiration from giants of the indie scene such as Ruby Fields, Middle Kids and Laurel, BERLYN has managed to create a summer anthem ideal for summer car journeys, windows down and radio blasting which could be the perfect nod as we head towards the winter months here in the UK.


BERLYN is a 23 year old singer-songwriter originally from Tamworth now based in Sydney and featured on Rod Coote’s track “Easy To Love” earlier in 2021. BERLYN brings her inspiration of Angie McMahon, Shannon James and Middle Kids from the Newcastle music scene together with her unique vocals and magnetic vocal delivery and compelling lyrics that result in music and words that are so relatable that simply cannot get them out of your head.


Photo:  Alpha Sierra


Blending genres of rock, indie and pop, BERLYN was booked to support Ali Barter on her regional tour. She received rave reviews after her collaboration with Rod Coote by Triple J Show “Roots ’n’ All” and wrote alongside Oscar Dawson (HOLY HOLY), truly showcasing her talents across a number of projects.


With new music due in the coming months, “Late Night Call” the authentic third studio single by BERLYN is out now on all major streaming platforms.





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