"Spider In My Room" The Spectacular Single From KATY FOR KINGS Is Out Now

Published on 31 October 2021 at 15:55

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Katy for Kings has expressed that her main goal is to allow listeners to feel validated in regard to their emotions and to give them an outlet that they might be in search of. With the spectacular release of ‘Spider in My Room’, she has achieved just that. 


Picking up the guitar at age 14, Katy found it very hard to put it down again. Influenced heavily by artists like Taylor Swift, song writing quickly became her favourite pastime and her strongest asset. Years later, she has fortified her musical presence with emotive vocals and hard-hitting guitar strums that help to indulge listeners upon every second of listening. 


In July of last year Katy for Kings released her debut single "Words Around." This was a hit with Spotify algorithmic playlists such as "Release Radar" and "Discover Weekly." As a result of this, the single garnered over 30,000 streams and continues to reach new audiences to the day.


Now freshly turned 21, Katy for Kings is hoping to make her mark on the industry by being listeners' new favourite underrated indie artist. Putting a budget aside for marketing she is doing the groundwork herself and calling in a few favours from close friends for the rest.


Taking inspiration from anything she can, Katy loves to read and absorb whatever she can poetry and classic novels. She is also a big fan of John Mayer's song writing style and thinks that Kacey Musgraves is an icon in her own right (and not just because they have the same birthday.) As she moves forward with her career, she is finding that she is more open to finding new artists to be inspired by every day.



"Spiders In My Room" is coming out just in time for Halloween. It's uncomfortable and takes on the persona of someone who, in many ways could be described as the villain of a few stories. Katy has partnered Spiders in My Room with its sister song Swimmers Ear as part of a surprise two track release. "Swimmers Ear" is younger and much naiver than Spiders in My Room. She is the calm before the storm. 


She is just finding her feet with the indie scene but is heavily gravitating towards artists like Baby Queen and Holly Humberstone due to how raw and honest they allow themselves to be without apologising for their feelings. This is something Katy hopes to do even more of in the future and feels as though "Spiders in My Room" is a good stepping stone towards that. 


"Spiders In My Room" is out now on all major streaming platforms.








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