"Favorite Band" The New Single From Sibling Duo POLYDRIVE Is Out Now

Published on 5 November 2021 at 21:40

Words: Kyle Anderson


Favorite Band” tells the tale of falling in love with a band and how this love tends to be tied to a significant other through making memories or shared experiences surrounding the band. Set as a breakup song from the perspective of the person deciding the split should happen, the track has a theme that many can relate to with the relationship break up almost symbolising you breaking up with the band as the thought of listening without them is unbearable.


Brothers Cam and Cole Tessier came together to form Polydrive in Tulsa, Oklahoma after growing up producing music together, they decided to start the band. “Favorite Band” was impressively written, mixed and produced by the duo in the bedroom with them playing all aspects of the track.


Polydrive takes influences from artists such as Jon Bellion, LANY, M83 and Tame Impala and impressively signed a sync deal for their music not so long ago.



Bringing this unique narrative to life via “Favorite Band”  the Tulsa duo have put a different perspective on a break up and their aim to be the soundtrack for peoples sad memories and favourite memories seems well within their grasp.


“Favorite Band” the new single by brother duo Polydrive is out now on all major streaming platforms.








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