The New Heartfelt Acoustic Pop Single “Thorns” By EMMROSE Is Out Now

Published on 12 November 2021 at 08:48

Words: Kyle Anderson


Easily labelled as one of Emmrose’s most cathartic songs to date, every verse in her new single, "Thorns", is about a different person in her life that she carried some form of resentment against but wants things to change for the better. “Thorns” represent her open wounds, even if people aren’t in her life anymore they still continue to hurt her.


As Emmrose’s most emotional and personal release , with a production style reflecting previously released singles “The Imposter” and “Ballad for the Boy Next Door”, “Thorns” is an excellent heartfelt pop track which sees grudges no longer holding her back from making connections with new people and making new friends.


Adding a new element to her music, Emmrose has 15 year-old high school student Andrew Jensen playing concert viola on this single. Within 30 minutes of visiting the recording studio for a tour on the same day Emmrose had her recording session scheduled, Jensen found himself playing the beautiful harmonies that support Emmrose’s emotive vocals on “Thorns”. Not letting age prevent his success, Jensen is a highly proficient instrumentalist and won The Diller-Quaile Orchestra’s concerto competition in 2018 which culminated in a solo performance at Merkin Hall.


At only 18, Emmrose is a prolific and excellent lyricist and has impressively released 13 singles to date and her debut EP “Hopeless Romantics” has nearly hit 1 Million streams on Spotify, an exceptional achievement for anyone let alone someone so early in their musical career.



Born and raised in Manhattan, Emmrose began writing music at 13 and started performing in area NYC clubs at 14. Whilst continuing to write, release and perform new music, Emmrose is also beginning her first year of college at The New School. Working exclusively at Behind the Curtains Media recording studios in Brooklyn, NY for her solo work, Emmrose is signed to Secret Road Music services for sync licensing.


With a vast array of releases and an exceptional talent for penning authentic and personal tracks, Emmrose's new acoustic pop single “Thorns” is out now on all major streaming platforms.










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