“Weekend Blues” The Catchy New Single By POISON OAK Is Out Today

Published on 19 November 2021 at 14:06

Words: Kyle Anderson


Serving as the second release from Poison Oaks' upcoming third EP, “Weekend Blues” follows on from the success of previous release “Losing Ourselves”. “Weekend Blues” symbolises and characterises the feeling of relief on a Friday , the freedoms of the weekend and then the eventual hated sombre feeling waking up on a Monday morning.


“Weekend Blues” highlights a turn in production and showcases Poison Oak’s sound today and is truly a song for the working class. With a catchy sing along chorus and rock pop sensibilities, listeners are treated to textures that can be likened to The Cure.


“Losing Ourselves” built the platform for this latest release with successful placement across the globe in numerous well known magazines including Amplify, Rising Artists, From the Strait, Indie O’clock and many more. Considered as a step up from previous releases, “Losing Ourselves” cemented Poison Oak in Australia’s indie rock scene and gained excellent radio coverage , with a slight change of atmosphere, “Weekend Blues” looks set to bring the same success.


Photo: Dave Chance


“Weekend Blues” the new catchy single by Poison Oak , produced by Mike Myers is a song for the working class, making their way through the week to reach the short bliss of the weekend only to start the grind again  the following week. 


Bound to be stuck in your head after one listen, “Weekend Blues” the new single from Poison Oak is out now on all major streaming platforms.







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