“Love Gets Me Down” The Excellent New Single From LITTLE VICTORIES Is Out Now

Published on 21 November 2021 at 14:22

Photo: Simon Treasure


The newest track by Little Victories, “Love Gets Me Down” plays as a confessional track which narrates how people around you don’t or can’t understand why you are struggling when going through a tough time with mental health. Without specifically detailing the issue being dealt with the track is relatable and personal enough to get the feeling through to listeners. By letting fans know that everyone can go through these stages and feelings at times, this brings reassurance through their music that although there may be low points there are plenty of high points too.


“Love Gets Me Down” brings with it a unique dynamic provided by harmonies of both vocalists and their individual tones which combine with the echoing synths and melodic guitar lines to create a brilliant track with depth allowing listeners time for contemplation and to reflect.


A British three-piece alt-pop band, Little Victories bring together a multitude of genres and are a one stop shop for all your emotional needs. With twin vocals and dancing guitars they bring listeners relatable music that provides a real connection to its audience.


Photo: Simon Treasure


Little Victories consists of Sam Rose on guitars, Naomi Catherine Shalom on vocals and keyboards and Marcus Good on vocals and bass. “ Love Gets Me Down” features an additional drum performance from Bertie Atkinson. The three-piece take influence from acts such as The 1975 and Bon Iver and perfectly fuse traditional band compositions with electronic elements to create a familiar yet fresh and new sound that is surely set to keep them on an upwards trajectory.


“Love Gets Me Down” the new single from Little Victories recorded at The Bookhouse Studios with engineering from Tom Hill and produced by Hill and Crighton Goodwill (mixing and mastering also) is out now on all major streaming platforms.







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