Published on 22 November 2021 at 08:35

Words: Adam Wright


Here’s your next update of the past week’s hottest new releases. First, of course, is the Single Of The Week for this week and we’ve gone for ‘Ever Changing’, the new track from Eades. The Leeds based quintet dropped the energy-infused art-punk track at the same time as they announced the release date of its parent album, which is due next March. The single has offered a further glimpse into what will likely get the band’s presence felt across the indie scene. The track is restless and disjointed but retains an overall sense of musical cohesion throughout. The tune points to the group’s varied influences and singles them out as one of the most inventive bands around right now.


Next is the new single from RATS. The band are based in Liverpool and their new tune, ‘Patsy Decline’ has a certain attitude that’s hard to ignore. Its observational lyrics are not unlike early Arctic Monkeys tracks, while the fast-paced instrumentation gives the track a punk-like energy. This track marks the first of the band’s releases on their new record label and, having built their profile on tour with DMAs, the band are worth keeping an eye on in the coming months.  


Next up we’ve got the 1970s-inspired tune from Blue Violet. The new track, ‘Asylum’, features a sound that lands somewhere between Heart and America but, despite its retro sound, its lyrics address the contemporary issues of discrimination in modern society and call for the acceptance of each other’s differences. Hailing from Edinburgh, Blue Violet are made up of a husband and wife duo who spent time touring and writing before they settled into their current outfit. ‘Asylum’ is the most recent addition to a flurry of releases released this year, with an album expected in 2022. Take it from us, this is not a band you want to miss out on hearing. 


Though not a single, you’ll still want to wrap your ears around this one: it’s the new EP from L.A Peach, a London-based alt-pop group. The EP was released last week to significant praise and showcases a modern take on the synth-infused indie of the 1980s. The EP, which features 4 tracks, features a gleaming, upbeat sound that brings with it distinct danceability, not unlike their 80s-inspired contemporaries, Joesef. L.A Peach are due to take the EP on tour throughout the rest of this month so act fast to see them live.


Next, we’ve got one from across seas: ‘My Amore’ is the new single from the Danish band, Dead Star Talk and is the fifth single released from their forthcoming album, which is due for release in January. The track features a groaning, '90s inspired vocal that sits between intense instrumental lines before rising into an all-conquering anthemic chorus. It’s a bonafide rock ballad and one that does well in growing anticipation for the group’s upcoming LP.


Next is the new track from Red Shakes, the solo project of the Leeds based singer-songwriter, Sam Da Silva. His band’s blend of indie-rock has pricked the ears of a range of publications and takes its inspiration from the alternative bands from the noughties. This new track, ‘Look After Yourself’ showcases elements of The Pigeon Detectives and The Wombats and features uplifting melodies and anthemic choruses sure to give your mood a boost. Having a bad day? This tune is for you. 


Sticking with uplifting tunes, this next one is pure rock ’n’ roll. It’s the new one from the Manchester-based band, Alias Kid. The new track, named ‘Out With The Boys’, is the follow up to ‘Through the night’ which was released earlier this year. The track picks up where its predecessor left off and features dirty guitar hooks, heavy drums and an Oasis-Esque vocal. The band have supported the likes of Primal Scream and The Enemy and are looking forward to a couple of local gigs coming up. Well worth checking this one out, released next Friday.


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