UK Rising Artist, CARLEY VARLEY Is Back With Her Latest Heart-Wrenching Song, "Miss Me?"

Published on 26 November 2021 at 11:42

Photo: Charlie Anderson (Andergraphs)



Puzzling a song that revolves around the questioning of someone’s love and its truth, Carley Varley, who is a pop musician based in Bournemouth UK, is back with a far more emotional track. After releasing the indie pop bop ‘Going Under’ in the summer, she chose a different path for her latest single.


‘Miss Me?’ mixes alternative elements with indie pop, and the hook is bound to get stuck in listeners' heads. Openly inspired by artists such as Hayley Williams, Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne, Carley writes incredibly emotive songs that are sure to tug on the heart strings. But with this release, it is more delicate than ever.


On the release, Carley says: “This is my favourite song from the EP and my best one that I’ve written so far. ‘Miss Me?’ was so personal to me and I think it shows both vocally and musically. I get lost in this song and I hope listeners do too.” Carley said, after writing the track over two years ago, she is happy to finally be releasing this track.”


Sowing the seed of success after reaching the finals of Open Mic UK in 2019 and winning the Venus Award for Musical Talent in Dorset in 2018, the Bournemouth musician has come on leaps and bounds in her song writing ability and performance status. The rising artist in just two years has performed in over 300 establishments and has been asked to return each time, playing her original music acoustically.


‘Miss Me?’ is released with a smattering of expectation, being a song from an artist with boundless potential to go the distance in the industry. Emotive, harmonious and enticing, Carley Varley hits the sweet spot with her latest single. 







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