Darcey Hope Warms Winter Hearts With Latest Release, ‘Coming Home’

Published on 28 November 2021 at 14:06



The latest single in Darcey’s beautiful stockpile is much like a winter coat. Filled with warmth and characterised by its multitude of layers, ‘Coming Home’ shows off yet again her ability to break multiple genre markets in the music industry, which she solidified this week.


The dreamy ballad peels back another layer to her authentic and vulnerable song writing style. In the song, she discusses her struggles with homesickness while adjusting to living on her own in a new city. 


Darcey Hope is a 20-year-old singer/songwriter based between Hampshire and Brighton. Her complimented love for classic and contemporary music has carved out her heartfelt and emotionally connected song writing style. In her early releases prior to this one, you can hear influence from the likes of The Staves, Lana Del Rey and Carole King. She is an authentic storyteller, possessing a unique skill set that enables her to tell personal and raw tales that transport her audience to the scene of the story. 


She accompanies her lyricism with her own blend of country, folk, and pop, fashioning a sense of nostalgia to take listeners back to a simpler time. She has used this over the last few months to form her debut EP which is scheduled for release in 2022. 



Produced by Gary Dillon, 'Coming Home’ is a piano-centered arrangement that floats with the honest yet bittersweet lyrics. It has freckles of guitar and bursts of strings that are brilliant encompassed by full-on harmonies, taking her audience on an emotional journey, leaving them yearning for a little taste of home this Christmas.


As the nights draw in sooner and the weather starts to become more torrent, ‘Coming Home’ embodies the season it is released in, personifying those feelings of warmth, drifting in and out of reflective melodies that promise to sneak into a few cosy playlists over the winter.


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