My Twisted Heart Is Back With A New Reflective Single, ‘Idontneedyou’

Published on 28 November 2021 at 16:02

Photo:  @Jethrolo



The alternative hip-hop artist uses his latest release as a reflection on relationships, weaving experiences of relationships in Ireland, and injustice in Hong Kong, on the first single off his upcoming debut EP, ‘Heart Leak’. 


On the surface, this song is about an individual who feels trapped in a relationship and wants breathing space.” says My Twisted Heart. 


“But it has another meaning to me. It reflects my feeling towards Hong Kong – where I grew up, and where injustice was and is still happening.” A collaboration with fellow Cork artist Outsider YP, it sees someone speaking to their beloved, whether person or city, “Sinking to that bottom/You’re not dragging me down”. The pair both contribute vocals, engineering the track together.


My Twisted Heart is an alternative genre-blending hip-hop artist, and the brainchild of multi-disciplinarian musician Po Ki Ching. Born in Hong Kong, and later a student in Cork in Ireland, Ching has developed an interest in singing and playing covers from a young age. His creativity then blossomed when he met fellow Cork creatives Outsider YP and Kestine, with whom he formed ‘Outsiders’, a creative collective, in 2017. 


Photo:  @Jethrolo


He has since gone onto collaborate extensively as part of this collective, contributing to their output over the course of the past four years, culminating now in an upcoming slew of single releases, and the hotly anticipated ‘Heart Leak EP’, due for release in January 2022. 


idontneedyou’ is ultimately about the pain of having to leave someone - or someplace - behind, to take care of yourself. It mixes indie, hip-hop, emo-rock, synth pop and an array of other sounds and influences to suit the tastes of everyone who listens. 







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