MORNING CRUSH Releases Debut EP "Brand New House"

Published on 28 November 2021 at 16:28

Photo: Holly Mccandless-Desmond



Sharing personal and political stories through multi-coloured alt-folk sounds, Morning Crush are pleased to announce their debut EP ‘Brand New House’ which was released this weekend. 


After playing at the Camden Roundhouse at Lost Evenings festival curated by Frank Turner and selling out their first-ever London Headline show at Aces and Eights weeks in advance, Morning Crush release their highly anticipated EP, a bittersweet tale of retroactive self-analysis, heartbreak, re-birth, protest songs, love, and musicians on social media. 


Drawing influences from Neil Young, Dawes, Bright Eyes and Will Varley, their brand-new EP is a fine example of what Morning Crush does best. The EP adopts the live band sound, with punishing and dominating lead guitar riffs mixed with CSNY-esque harmonies. The lyrics tell heart-breaking and profound stories about agonising self-reflection, the harsh reality of mental illness, anxiously looking outwards at a polarised world, and above all, finding hope and trusting in friendship, love, and song. 



Speaking about the EP, Morning Crush says: 

"I was worried this would just come across as “another breakup record”, because of the theme of the opening track. In truth, the EP is quite simply about letting go of the past. Not necessarily in relation to heartbreak or a relationship. More about trying to find strength in tomorrow and looking at yesterday like a movie.” 


With its impactful sound and profound honesty, Morning Crush’s debut EP “Brand New House” is a 7 track tale of heartbreak, retroactive analysis, re-birth, writing protest songs, musicians on social media, love and a deeply misunderstood mental illness. 






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