Published on 29 November 2021 at 19:50

Words: Adam Wright


As usual, we’re kicking things off with this week’s Single Of The Week. This week we’ve gone with the dreamy and tranquil tune from Exit Kid: the band have dropped the title track to their forthcoming EP, ‘Basis’. The tune uses floating guitars, pensive lyricism, and subtle piano to craft a meditative soundscape that evokes the likes of Jordan Rakei and Villagers. Interestingly, the tune marks a shift for the band, who have previously grabbed headlines with their grunge infused brand of ’90’s-esque punk, and it’s a change in style that has allowed the group to emerge with a new and dynamic sound. Well worth a listen. 


Next up we’ve got the new tune from Phil Madeley. The track is called ‘In Dreams’ and was dropped last Wednesday. The new track follows the Birmingham-based singer’s recent run of UK gigs and features the raw-sounding instrumentation we’ve come to expect from the singer. His deep vocal performance, paired with the song’s upbeat tonality, seems to evoke an early George Ezra record. Having previously exhibited a multitude of different sounds, ‘In Dreams’ goes further in cementing Phil as one of the best emerging solo artists around. 


Sticking with solo artists for this next one and, if you’ve ever wondered what would happen if Paolo Nutini and Gerry Cinnamon made a baby, then this is your answer. Scottish/Italian singer, PG Ciarletta released his new track ’27’ over the weekend. The tune, as its title suggests, reflects on the singer's 27 years of life and crafts his past memories into an uplifting acoustic guitar tune that exhibits the singer’s talent for writing genuinely relatable lyrics. Make sure you check this one out. 


Next we’ve got the new tune from the Bristol-based band, Glass Violet. Taking inspiration from the likes of DMAs and The Strokes, the quintet aimed to better their previous single with their new effort, ‘Indigo’. The tune bears the influence of the previously mentioned artists but does enough to remain fresh-sounding. It brings a vast soundscape of anthemic choruses and soaring vocals as well as a stretched-out middle 8 that leaves the song with little more to desire. Wherever stadium-sized rock music goes, Glass violet will be part of it.


Next we’ve got a solo artist from Manchester. The Irish-born Solis released her new and dreamy sounding track, ‘Sunday’ last week. The singer takes her inspiration from Kate Bush, an influence recognisable in the track’s layered synths and misty tone. The song’s lyrics match its dreamy tone, focusing on melancholic themes of youth. The single is the second to be released this year and does well in building on the singer’s sound. 


Next up we’ve got another band. The Brighton-based trio, Preacher released their debut single last week and have immediately offered a fresh, bluesy spin on the alternative rock scene. They showcase the kind of energy-infused sound widely associated with 3-piece rock bands and take inspiration from grunge and classic rock as well as blues rock. It’s a cracking debut from a really fresh-sounding band and they no doubt have big plans for the future. 


This next one offers a dark twist on the alternative pop genre. It’s the new one from solo artist, Circe. The tune, called ‘Mess With Your Head’, is as lyrically developed as it is dancefloor-filling, combining elements of Kate Bush and Robyn to create a truly compelling alt-pop soundscape. The track’s lyrics are inspired by Shakespeare, and offers a darker perspective on love and emotional vulnerability. 


And finally for this week’s round up we’ve got another band now, and this next one comes from the Glasgow-based Speak Easy Circus who, whilst enjoying performing over the last few months, decided to channel their energy into a new single. The single, called ‘Sewn Up’, features uplifting and groovy brass instrumentation that gives the track a fresh feeling, while the lyric, centred around the lead singer’s favourite pair of jeans, shows the band to be not taking themselves too seriously, adding further to the track’s feel-good factor.

All of the above tunes can be listened to on our Spotify Playlist here.

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