SEGARRA Harness Musical Influences To Release Fantastic New Single “One More Chance”

Published on 30 November 2021 at 18:31

By Angus SInclair



Today, burgeoning band Segarra have released their fourth single “One More Chance”, and you would be forgiven for thinking that you had fallen into the lap of an Oasis classic, such is the semblance to the 90’s musical powerhouse.


“One More Chance” excels in emulating the retro feel of one of Britain’s most notably successful rock bands. 


The track commences emphatically. It pulls you in with convincing and powerful vocals that are aided by professionally constructed instrumentals; the song not only sounds excellent, but the production feels meticulous, and the combination of influences and sounds fit seamlessly. 


The song's energy is clear throughout, and it is impossible not to be captivated as Segarra exceeds expectations once again.



Vocalist Oli Wade leads from the front, with lead guitarist Luke Hooton, rhythm guitarist and backing singer Josh Holloway, bassist Liam Cox, and percussionist Callum Friend combining to offer a gorgeous blend of musical tastes that culminates in a refined and original end product. 


The rock and roll heavy five-piece have harnessed various influences to create their own unique flow; distinctive Oasis vibes are complimented with further elements reminiscent to The Beatles and the Stone Roses, to name a few. 


With a debut EP currently in the works for release in the new year, the lads at Segarra have left themselves in good stead to emerge as a breakthrough band in months to come. 


The brand-new single is now available to stream across all major platforms






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