"LOVER LOVER" The New Passionate Rock 'N'' Roll Single From BRENDAN LANE Is Out Now

Published on 30 November 2021 at 18:55

Words: Kyle Anderson


Lover Lover”, the 9th studio single from songwriter Brendan Lane showcase’s his exceptional skills as a poignant and talented lyricist and lead vocalist. The track details the harsh and very real struggles that come with opioid addiction and the toll it can take on loved ones.


After losing friends to opioid and heroin addiction at 18 and witnessing neighbours and teammates dying over the years, Brendan felt compelled to pen this personal track as he aged and became more and more aware of the effects and how common this drug epidemic is.


“Lover Lover” is a deep personal tale about confrontation and frustration at watching a loved one go down a deep dark hole without a ladder and how it is totally infuriating watching this unfold before your eyes. Understanding that it may not of been the right way to deal with it, Brendan wrote the track in the hope that it helps others have a conversation which could ultimately save lives.


With a Bruce Springsteen like vibe , themes of life changing adventures, love and loss dominate this talented songwriters catalogue of songs with “Lover Lover” following on from “Magic” the nostalgic and sombre ballad released in April this year.


“Lover Lover” sees John Rupp, a fellow musician lead his hands in producing and brings about a familiar organic rock ’n’ roll found within earlier releases from Lane such as “Dancing On My Own” in 2019 and “Sweet Tooth “ in 2020.



Brendan Lane is a brand ambassador for the #SaveOurStages campaign which supports independent event venues which have been put at risk of closure in the wake of the pandemic. Lane is a seasoned musician and performer having reached 3 continents as a solo performer and with his band, Brendan Lane & The Sugar Packets, impressively performing over 1000 shows thus far. Performing since 2013 to international and US audiences with rollicking harmonica interludes and high energy guitar riffs. Currently playing as part of a summering East Coast Tour, Lane is due to debut “Lover Lover” live for the first time in Annapolis , MD at Stan & Joe’s Saloon , along with his catalogue of original songs.


With new music set for release throughout 2022, “Lover Lover” the new rock ’n’ roll single by Brendan Lane, is out now on all major streaming platforms 








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