THE THIEVES Present Their Exemplary New Single "Just Don't Get It"

Published on 1 December 2021 at 15:52



There must be something in the water in the Northeast of England. The Thieves have shown yet again that music up north is just… different. Formed in 2017, in the countryside of County Durham, the three-piece consists of Frankie Dobson, Liam Raine and Leon Chadwick.


They have this week released their new single ‘Just Don’t Get It’, which is an exemplary piece, even considering the talent on display in the north. Accompanying lyrics that tell the story of getting to know someone new are absorbing bashes of the drum and a striking guitar riff.


In some ways, it poses as a tale of desperation, but because of how quickly the song flows, and how electric it ebbs, it ends up being a song to get the spirit high, producing a telling dose of adrenaline in every drum slam.


Infused with rock’n’roll energy, The Thieves formed in 2017. After seeing an advert on social media reading ‘drummer looking for band, will play anything!’, Frankie messaged Chadwick about starting a band, so then they formed. 


After releasing a debut single in 2018 and playing gigs with their original bass player, it was evident something needed to change. So, in late 2019, Dobson reached out to Liam, and he agreed to join, having known each other for four years prior.


Now they form an alliance worthy of turning heads in the music industry. The first piece in the jigsaw puzzle has been found through the release of ‘Just Don’t Get It”. 


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