“Between You And Me” The Excellent New EP From THE INFINITE DAISY CHAINS Is Out Now

Published on 2 December 2021 at 10:30

Artwork:  Machado Leao

Words: Kyle Anderson


Between You and Me” is an honest and intimate group of six tracks that portray life during and after an initial honeymoon phase. Serving as an intimate conversation with its audience, the new EP lays out life’s good , bad and ugly in this current moment in time. With many snapshots of life at the moment including  lockdown experiences during a pandemic, anxiety and alcohol abuse and how these re-overcome with a redemptive and hopeful outlook.


The Infinite Daisy Chains blur the lines of genre with a sound reminiscent of shoegaze artists like Lush and My Bloody Valentine, combining smooth dream pop sounds and electropop in their own unique manner.


 “Elevation“ the first track of the EP recalls the moment where nothing else matters besides yourself and your significant other, the feeling of being on cloud nine, not a care in the world with nothing able to bring you down. With vintage 80s synths, a powerful sub-bass, sampled drum beats and ethereal vocals, “Elevation” is the most trip-hop inspired track of the EP.


“Hope You Grow” continues the EP’s story , depicting the growing pains felt within the cultivation of a relationship whether it be in a romantic setting or a passion or dream in life. Featuring violins, synths, drum machines, kalimba and lush soundscapes, “Help You Grow” has a real dream pop, chilled vibe.


The third track from the EP, “Breathe” is a deeply personal track with real meaning behind it, being dedicated to survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. Kristina of The Infinite Daisy Chains volunteers at a local emergency crisis shelter supporting people affected with these horrible ordeals and has personally overcome these challenges. Serving as advice for survivors to “Just Breathe life through this, I know you can do it!” Is the mantra to help cope with the long term affects of these too frequent occurrences.


Photo: Gopi Raghu


Bottle It Up” features guest artists with sax from Brian Lenair and drums recorded by Ben Tufts and is the band's attempt to capture the highs and lows of alcohol being used as a coping mechanism for existence. Showcasing the skill and musicality of The Infinite Daisy Chains, “Bottle It Up” culminates in an epic instrumental outro.


Paper Tigers” the penultimate track of the EP is about waking up startled by an anxious reality after being in a lucid dream like state and is highly influenced by Slowdive and 90's artists such as My Bloody Valentine and Portishead. Finishing off the EP, “Sunbeams” narrates their reflection of pandemic life , with heavy influence from Washed Out, it fits perfectly within the collection as the most synth poppy track.


The Infinite Daisy Chains are made up of musical and life partners Kristina and Ian Dandridge, who self produced the majority of the EP within their home studio in the DC -Metropolitan area. As part of a tight-knit and diverse local indie music scene, “Between You and Me” looks set to be the collection of songs which propels them to stardom.


“Between You and Me” the new EP from The Infinite Daisy Chains is out now on all major streaming platforms.








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