THE CHASE "Set The World To Rights" With Their Emotive Winter Release

Published on 2 December 2021 at 19:44

Photo: Magnolialux



Reigning from rebel city Nottingham, The Chase fuse Brit-Pop nonchalance with killer 60’s choruses and arena sized rock and roll to make a noise that is truly unique. And now they are back in style, after channelling their inner passion and infusing colourful, summery beats in their last release, ‘Death Of Me’.


The lads produce an emotive feel to their latest release, a song which is sure to tug at the heartstrings and pull on everyone’s feelings. Taking it down a notch, their next offering sits on the balance between Richard Ashcroft and their own versatile, authentic sound. With this single, they’re truly honing their craft and artistry.


Set The World To Rights’ rewires the band's electric sound and takes it back up a notch from their previous release. Aiming their cannon more towards their Britpop roots, the latest single is made up of supersonic rock and shout along choruses. Adrenaline sweeps over the body with every listen.


Photo: Magnolialux


Frontman Tyler Heaney commented: “Set the World to Rights, for me, is our best song yet. I am most proud of these lyrics out of all our tracks to date. The song was inspired by classic ballads such as Nobody Loves You by John Lennon, Only You Know by Dion (Not our Dion) and This Guy’s in Love with You by Burt Bacharach, but with a real modern feel. The song lyrically is a tale of two sides - the verses speaking about hard times and loneliness but the chorus speaking about finding someone and changing your perspective. It reflects on a particular time in my own life and is a very personal song.” 


The Chase are no amateurs to the music scene, having started their musical journeys at the tender ages of 8, 10, and 11. Named after the very streets on which they were raised, they began their ascent towards capturing the attention of the UK. But still, the band have a whole heap of magic still to come, their latest single is another brick in the impressive wall of accolades they have formulated. 







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