PLAIN NAVY Release Victorious New Single "Livin' Alone"

Published on 3 December 2021 at 14:29

Photo: Debbie Ellis



Plain Navy are a band that are bringing big noise out of Saddleworth, on the Manchester side of the Pennines - an area of England that has produced more than its fair share of indie talent, which includes Twisted Wheel and some members of The Inspiral Carpets. 


To finish their 2021 with a statement, they have released their new single ‘Livin’ Alone’, along with signing to 42’s Records label. Starting their journey in 2018, they have progressively gone from strength to strength to achieve the sound they echo today.


‘Livin’ Alone’ was, as explained by the northern rockers, inspired by the sense of isolation, boredom and creeping mental health concerns of many people during lockdown. It tells the feelings of wanting to be back in live music venues and clubs, having a good time with other people. And when you suddenly can’t, it shook a whole generation.


Photo: Debbie Ellis


Throughout the single, Britpop flows effortlessly through the pipeline of the song, while the band approach the lyricism and sound with a modern outlook, making ‘Livin’ Alone’ an easy listen for any occasion. For fans of Voodoos, Kasabian and The K’s, Plain Navy sail towards a victorious end to the year. 

“Livin’ Alone” Is Out Now On All Major Streaming Platforms.







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