LOTTERY WINNERS - "Something To Leave The House For"

Published on 3 December 2021 at 21:22



Having collaborated this time around with Frank Turner and KT Tunstall, following up their huge viral tie-up with Nickelback at the start of the year, Lottery Winners have finally released their delayed second album, ‘Something To Leave The House For’.


It’s a spritely pop gem that shows just why their recent tour, culminating in a celebratory night at Manchester’s legendary O2 Ritz, blazed such a trail through the UK. The 12-track album plays out more like an extremely sugary 12-day advent calendar, uncovering wonders of sweets that will make you dance in your kitchen all night long.


Both buoyant and deliciously listenable, the fun-loving four-piece from just outside of Manchester have come together to connect compelling tunes and unite them as one brilliant collection of candied music.


Before this release, the band had already created a legacy that is a real timestamp, which saw the combination of Thom Rylance, Katie Lloyd, Joe Singleton and Rob Lally gain over 10 million Spotify streams. But it is no surprise when they are regularly penning together songs of the standards that ‘Favourite Flavour’ and ‘Times Are Changing’ set out.


‘Something To Leave The House For’ is the perfect album to get your Lottery Winner journey underway, showcasing an array of sounds that ultimately, above anything else, radiate a bubble gum flavour tinge to every piece to the jigsaw.


Upon every wave of sound that floods through your mind when unfolding the juicy layers of this latest release, you will be met with new sensations and new types of funks that will result in nothing but high spirits and feel-good energy.


Of all the songs in this album, though, ‘Love Yourself’ appealed to us most. With its nods towards Happy Mondays and Black Grape, the song is perhaps one of the funkiest of them all. A dreamlike feeling will sweep you off your feet, while bringing that much-needed reminder that we all must love ourselves.


All in all, this album brings positivity to the ears. How could one ever be dissatisfied with a piece of music when it is so irresistibly colourful? We certainly couldn’t, and that’s why we are more than impressed with the Lottery Winner’s newest release. ****


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