“Just Breathe” The Catchy New EP From THE LILLY WAVE Is Out Now

Published on 4 December 2021 at 21:04

Words: Kyle Anderson


Just Breathe” is a collection of four tracks from The Lilly Wave and each track follows on from the next perfectly. Catchy and memorable lyrics make the tracks almost familiar after a first listen.


“Just Breathe”, the title track and EP’s title, talks of loneliness with lyrics “ I’m alone again” and is a really current and fresh take on the world right now telling everyone to “Just Breathe”. Telling a story of loneliness and when all is going wrong in the world, to just remember to take a moment and breath and things will be ok.


The second of the four song collection, “Blue Skies” narrates the feeling of someone’s eyes capturing your gaze with the “Blue Skies” being that someone special’s eyes yet anything you do not being seen as good enough for them. 


Love Sick Dreams” the third track on the EP slows down the tempo but with the familiar sense of being in your own mind. A talented songwriter can be found within this EP some excellent production make each track a potential hit.


Rounding off the EP, “All We Need”, the longest track of the collection, focuses deeply on lead vocals and takes listeners on a journey, looking deep within at our own creation. 


“Just Breathe” the catchy and familiar feeling new EP from the talented The Lilly Wave is out now on all major streaming platforms.


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