BLUE WALKER Returns With Gorgeously Melancholic Second Release “Without Me”

Published on 8 December 2021 at 11:34

Photo:  Izzy Williams

By Angus SInclair



If you are searching for new heartfelt and meaningful music, Blue Walker is the artist to follow. With a second release “Without Me” freshly released, she brings a “tangible representation of a period of my life which has shaped me as a person.” 


Blue Walker is a Scottish singer/songwriter based in Manchester, having recently launched her project with her debut single ‘Hollow’ in May of this year.


In “Without Me”, she has continued her arrival to the scene with candid conviction that compliments her excellent voice. 


With a beautiful blend of instrumentals, the song succeeds in offering a captivating and melodic tale; Blue Walker conveys sincerity through her lyricism and possesses a clear innate musical ability. 


Recorded and produced by John Azopardi at The Mothership Manchester, Walker had aid from Alan Lowes, from Airtight Studios, in mastering and refining the track. 


Photo:  Izzy Williams


Walker has contributed away from her solo project, providing session singing for several projects close to home, including “More. Again. Forever”, the recent album release from prominent alt indie outfit Courteneers


The singer described her main influences as Adele, Madison Beer and Fleetwood Mac, to name a few. Such artists have a definitive say in the way she conveys her voice through her music, and despite holding endearment towards many more, she has attributed the artists to holding a vital role in nurturing 


Blue Walker holds her work dear to her heart, with each track made serving as a precious new chapter in her journey. 


In “Without Me”, she expresses the mindset behind the music, stating that she touches upon certain challenging periods of her childhood, and how that shaped her into the talented woman that she is today. 


The budding talent brings a smooth musical identity that will serve her well as she takes her first steps into the industry, and her melancholic singles will no doubt evoke an emotional response from her listeners. 





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