Single Reviews 13/12/21

Published on 13 December 2021 at 21:30

Words: Adam Wright


Here’s your next instalment of the latest indie tunes on the market. First, of course, is this week’s Single Of The Week and it’s the new one from the Barrow-in-Furness-based band, The Silver Bars. The indie rockers have grabbed the opportunity to add yet more to their 2021 releases with their new track, The Long Night’. The song exhibits a range of sounds, weaving its way through slow, almost dreamy indie soundscapes to more rock-infused sections more akin to an early Strokes or Libertines record. The rough yet soothing vocal gives way to a triumphant guitar solo before the song is thrown back into its dreamy state. It’s a well produced track by a band who seem to be getting stronger with every release. 


This next one comes from The K’s, a band that knows how to get your head banging. Their latest single, ‘Picture’ is fast out the gates: creating a chaotic soundscape with heavy guitar and drums at its centrepiece. The track’s lyrics revolve around the story of drunken mistakes, themes made evermore poignant by the track's enthralling lyricism. The K’s have once again proven their relevance. 


Next is the single from the Doncaster-based band, The Outcharms. Their new single, named ‘Mr Rags To Riches’ was dropped on Friday and, interestingly, marks a departure from the sound fans have become accustomed to over the group’s last few singles. Gone are the jangly and pop-infused tones and instead is a sharper and crisper sound that puts the track more in the territory of Britpop rock. Though a departure, the tune still showcases the group's undeniable talent.  


Stepping away from bands for this next one: it’s the debut single from solo artist, Landon Lloyd Miller. The Louisiana-born musician’s first release, ‘Light Is Growing’, showcases funky guitar lines, warm vocals and feel-good rhythms. The track focuses on themes of hope and harmony and remains grounded to the singer’s roots throughout. 


Sticking with solo artists, this next one comes from Jack Rasmussen. The North East-based singer has been steadily building himself a fanbase with his acoustically driven sound and poignant lyricism. His new track, ‘Jump The Gun’, builds further on his discography: the lyrics tell the story of a couple diving in too soon, while the Paolo Nutini inspired instrumentation provides the story with a fitting backdrop. 


Speaking of debuts, solo artist Honey Guide released a new single just ahead of his debut EP. The track, named ‘Nom De Plume’ features on his new EP (also out now) and exhibits a soft and dreamy tone akin to Kevin Morby. His gentle vocal is foregrounded against low-tempo beats and wobbly bass lines and clean guitar sounds. It’s a powerfully intimate track that highlights the artist’s immense ability to capture life’s slow moments. 


Here’s yet another debut that’s made it onto this week’s list. This one comes from the Norwich-based duo, PleasureInc. The track, named ‘Money Talks’ mixes indie-pop influences with elements of hip-hop and dance music to give the track a certain restlessness.  With this compelling and original debut, the band will likely prick the ears of many. 


Last but not least for this week’s list is the new track from Katy Hurt. The Liverpool-based singer has dropped the follow up to her UK Chart-topping single, ‘Sounds Good In A Bar’. The new track, named ‘All For Love’ is a cover of the Musketeer theme tune (originally performed by Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, and Sting) and features Jessica Lynn and Sally Rea Morris. The song also showcases soothing vocals and subtle guitar with country influences at its heart. Definitely one for the slow winter afternoons.  


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