TRANSISTOR Release Perfect Christmas-Rock Single "The Flurries"

Published on 13 December 2021 at 23:02


Christmas songs are usually cheesy, throwaway efforts that make listeners run for the hills. However, Transistor have released a perfect indie-pop festive track in "The Flurries".


Without listening to the lyrics too closely you could be forgiven that this isn't a Christmas song at all; a contemporary indie-rock sound prevails throughout giving this festive release a credibility that is usually lacking in seasonal releases.


Hailing from The USA (Birmingham, Alabama to be precise), Transistor are a four-piece band comprised of Patrick Davis (lead vocals & rhythm guitar), Drew Sikes  (lead guitar & vocals) JT Ward (drums) and Mason Richardson (bass & vocals).


How the band came together feels like fate.  Patrick and Drew were on a music app separately looking for other musicians and figured out they actually lived in the same apartment building. After Drew's apartment was flooded, he sought a house to rent - his roommate ended up being drummer JT Ward! Mason Richardson later joined the band on bass and they quartet haven't looked back since.


Transistor cite their main influences as The Killers, Bruce  Springsteen, The Strokes and Tom Petty. The classic lyricism displayed by especially Springsteen is evident throughout their music and new single "The Flurries" certainly has elements of The Killer's popular sound.


Recorded at Sugarwolf Sounds and wonderfully produced by Shane Jewell, "The Flurries" is immediate. The song climbs until it reaches an anthemic climax, the guitar riff as catchy as anything. "The Flurries" is the festive song you never knew you needed, until now.





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