JOE WRIGHT’s Fourth Single “You & Me” Continues An Emphatic Entrance To The Music Industry

Published on 17 December 2021 at 17:30

By Angus Sinclair



Joe Wright is back with a bang after today releasing his fourth single “You & Me”, an enthralling alt rock track with a focus on the romantic endeavours of two individuals.


 A contemporary rock and roll artist, Wright is establishing himself with catchy tunes and carefully constructed lyricism, impressing early on with his ability to eloquently write his songs. 


The track commences with a catchy drum base, before the vocals of Wright and the familiar roar of an electric guitar and a sturdy bassline create a wave of thumping alt rock sound that offers an air of originality.


It’s the way Wright conveys his message through his music; it’s the way he harnesses influences from figures such as Liam Gallagher and Richard Ashcroft; it’s the way his distinctive voice bounces off the instrumentals, merging for a truly excellent end product.


These elements combine to present Joe Wright, a talented musician with a distinct creative spark that will greatly benefit his quest to prominence as an indie rock artist. 


BBC Introducing proclaimed Wright to be a “really promising artist”, and with mounting momentum he is on his way to climbing the ladder and achieving the ultimate dream: becoming a distinguished Rock n Roll star in the industry.



Wright is a self-taught guitarist and a candid depiction of the various aspects of life, both the mundane and the exhilarating. 


Here at Our Sound Music, we thoroughly enjoy listening to new music and hearing the projects put together by fresh, aspiring talents, but none more so than when we hear someone who truly puts their mind and soul into their passion.


Four singles down, a promising career of gripping music to go. If you are an avid fan of Rock n Roll and alt rock, this may be the first that you have heard of Joe Wright, but it certainly won’t be the last.


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