"Fun" The Highly Relatable New Track From AMANDA McBRAYER Is Out Now

Published on 17 December 2021 at 18:12



Amanda McBrayer wrote ‘Fun’ as a way to process a relationship where she felt that the other person meant more to her than she ever meant to them. While she would treasure moments with this person, she noticed he would often forget their memories together and treated her as a default way to fill his time.


This highly relatable track is dedicated to all her listeners out there who have an unrequited crush, and it poses as a reminder that we deserve someone who treats us as more than just ‘Fun’. 


Crisp vocals, slow rhythmics and a deep meaning is what makes up the structure of the song, and it is something you can easily be accustomed to. There is an overwhelming creed that Amanda knew exactly what she wanted to achieve through this release, and it sounds like success.



For many musicians, they can either tell a story or make good music, but for this talented new artist, she has it all. The Nashville based artist already has a growing fanbase stemming from her debut release "Past Tense" and this new single is sure to garner the performer further momentum.


"Fun" is out now on all major streaming platforms and you can listen to the release below via our embedded streaming link.





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