CHARLIE TYLER Releases Six-Track EP "Surrender The Ghosts"

Published on 19 December 2021 at 19:47



Charlie Tyler is a 20-year-old English singer-songwriter, who possesses a richness in musical talent. Raised in a tiny Cornish village, her childhood passion was mainly sports, until she went to an Ellie Goulding concert at 16. It was an experience that triggered her founding thoughts towards being a musician.


When first trekking down a musical road, Charlie became accustomed to learning the ukulele and singing at local country fairs. She was self-taught about how to play the guitar and piano, and she quickly started writing songs within her new passion.


Inspired by classic artists like Kate Bush and Carole King, the English talent aims to produce modern pop music that shows tinges of her idols throughout. With the release of ‘Surrender The Ghosts’, she boasts a variety of different compositions that help to produce a unique experience.


As she states herself: “Combining melodies, song writing and harmonies likened to Fleetwood Mac and Carole King with haunting pop vocals , I really strive to create authentic and honest music that is completely instrument and chord lead, with my writing partner Russell James Williams. 


We really feel as though the music we create has something much more unique to offer and the alternative pop feel that we have managed to develop really helps to show the artistry within each composition. There are a variety of different tracks on my new EP 'Surrender The Ghosts', including a more synth pop dance track and contrasting with a heartfelt ballad which tears at the heartstrings, I really feel like there is a track for everyone within my new EP.”



"Surrender The Ghosts" contains a variety of songs which Charlie and her writing partner Russell James Williams have clearly worked hard to craft. The EP showcases their flexibility when it comes to writing, with a synth pop track sitting alongside a sweeping ballad. For fans of classic songwriting and the eagerness to discover new talent, "Surrender The Ghosts" ticks all the boxes.







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