LYDIA BRIGGS Releases World Class New Track "Fall Back To You"

Published on 18 December 2021 at 14:23



When searching for a word that defines Lydia Briggs’ newest release, I repeatedly found myself saying words like ‘stunning’ and ‘mesmerising’, and it felt like these fitted the narrative perfectly.


Except, they weren’t.


I wanted to dig deeper for a truer word to match the miraculous melodies and heavenly vocals that make up the stem of the song.


But I simply couldn’t.


Lydia Briggs’ newest release ‘Fall Back to You’ is world class. There are no words to describe its powerful energy. Every second of the listen seems to take you further down a spiralling spiritual adventure.


As her tenth single, this mysterious, moody, and calculating track is anachronistic coming out of a young, petite, pop-oriented singer. However, I soon learnt not to expect anything through listening to Lydia’s all-embracing novels of music.


This time, her music brought a tender death march, wrapped up in a crooning guitar, and harmonies whispering like sirens and luring back to danger. And the brilliant simplicity of her keys punctuates a compulsion to repeat the circumstances all over again.



Lydia has already broken boundaries at a young age, smashing personal accolades and accumulating a roaring support for her music on YouTube and Spotify, but here at Our Sound Music, we believe she is far from her prime.


We have featured a lot of musicians this year, but right in the dying embers of 2021, Lydia Briggs has shown she has all that it takes to be the best of the bunch, taking another difficult year for the music industry by the scruff of the neck.


"Fall Back To You" is out now on all major streaming platforms.








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