THE HEAVY NORTH Convey A Sincere Message With Thumping New Single “Satisfy You”

Published on 9 January 2022 at 11:12

Photo:  Blue22 Photography

By Angus SInclair



The Heavy North, a vibrant five-piece situated on bustling Merseyside, have started the new year as they mean to go on with honest and relatable single Satisfy You.


The heartfelt song tells the listener about an issue that is rife amongst contemporary society: the negative and harrowing aspects of social media and the importance of blocking out internet hate. 


Satisfy You roars into life with the convincing strumming of an electric guitar and the sturdy beat of the percussion creating a powerful underbelly, before frontman and lead singer Kenny Stuart bounces into life, expressing his thoughts on ‘online trolls and keyboard warriors’, and how he is not there to satisfy them.


A captivating guitar riff is often intrinsic to rock music, and the garage, bluesy style band certainly latch onto this notion with such a gripping riff that serves as the focal point to the music. 


A late bridge succeeds in drawing you in with an increasing drumbeat upping the tempo before unleashing a bundle of energy with one final wave of a catchy chorus, stamping the message home. 


The message conveyed is indeed sincere, and hopefully galvanises listeners who may have dealt with such abuse themselves, offering support and reminding people that such ‘trolls’ have no place in their thoughts.


Stuart detailed the meaning behind Satisfy You aptly portraying the candidness of the message, "Satisfy You is a song about the negative side of social media and the internet, like online trolls and keyboard warriors”.


Stuart continued the discussion, illuminating the album’s potential for success, “We've had a fantastic response to the last few singles we've released from our album, and due to the global delay in vinyl manufacturing we've had to delay Electric Soul Machine by a couple of months"


Photo:  Blue22 Photography


One track of many from the upcoming debut album Electric Soul Machine, The Heavy North have offered a tantalising glimpse of music soon to come. 


Further recent releases include Awake, No Good, and Darkness In Your Eyes, with all three tracks reaching a commendable number of streams to promote the anticipated album’s imminent arrival. 


With the album set to hit stores in March, the band are mounting a heap of momentum to set them in good stead for future endeavours, with a string of singles thus far already attracting positive attention. 


Live performances so far already include some notable showings, with the lads gracing the stage at the Liverpool International Music Festival at Sefton Park in summer 2019, as well as a trio of headline locations in November 2021, with the band performing in Manchester, London, and Liverpool. 


The Heavy North have already established themselves and left a growing fanbase eager for the maiden album release with a few early releases, all succeeding in gripping the attention letting the world know the band possess all the tools to rise to the forefront of the rock industry. 









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