"Empires" The Dazzling New Track From THE BIGGER PICTURE Is Out Now With A Great Music Video

Published on 7 January 2022 at 17:05



London-based alternative rock band The Bigger Picture are coming into 2022 with a fresh new sound, first showcasing that they mean business in the new year with the release of ‘Empires’, which is accompanied by their first-ever music video, directed by upcoming production company, Bohemian Bastards


The exceptional musicianship and variety of sound displayed by The Bigger Picture so far has been nothing but a spiralling staircase leading and building up to their most catchy and well-rounded song yet.


Dazzling guitars and fiery soundscapes generate a wall of sound so thick and full of layers that completely embraces the listener into a brilliant maelstrom of instruments and refined textures that turn the song into a proper statement of what the band is all about.



The lyrics in ‘Empire’ delve into the feeling and hardship of dealing with loss and regret. In an attempt to revive a weakened awareness that still drives for a brighter status quo, it’s both a fierce cry for help and a hymn for acceptance and recognising a path to follow in order to achieve a better mindset.


‘Empire’ aims to build a place within our heads that truly belongs to us, where we can have control and be safe, as if we had our own mind palace; a mental sovereignty, a personal Empire. 






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