"The End", The Intense & Layered New Single & Video From CARINA T Is Out Now

Published on 10 January 2022 at 16:28

Photo: Paolo Benetazzo



In a lot of cases with new music, we often like to leave our articles open for interpretation and further listening. Not giving much away when it comes to a new single is usually a good strategy. We let you the readers discover the songs yourself, giving you a gateway to incredible music. 


Every once in a while, though, a new release creeps through the woodwork so complex that there simply aren’t enough words in the encyclopaedia to detail what the song is about and what the different layers in the spectrum uncover.


This is certainly a statement that proliferates throughout Carina T’s latest single ‘The End’. As she explains, the song she wrote herself is about being imprisoned in a state of inaction and denial which will slowly destroy you.


It is accompanied by a music video which serves the purpose of a tribute to women who have or still suffer from domestic violence. It is a problem that is a lot more frequent than everyone thinks, and women should not suffer in silence. “They should, as I did, leave the abusive relationship and preserve their lives and dignity”, Carina comments.



The music itself is dreamy, but once you unravel the secrets of the song, it has a much deeper and more intimate feel to it. Merging indie aesthetics with heartfelt lyrics, Carina T successfully uses her latest single as a way of calling for neurodiversity and social activism. 


Carina T is the paradigm for someone who is equally talented in her profession and her thoughts on the world and how we must fight for what we believe in. Music and culture has been a bedrock layer to change over the decades, and this talented singer/songwriter is taking that notion by the scruff of the neck. 






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