“Vicinity” The New Upbeat Dance-Pop Track From LUCY BURKE Is Out Now

Published on 20 January 2022 at 13:46

Words: Kyle Anderson


Pushing the narrative of go hard or go home, “Vicinity” explores a need and desire to collaborate with others who share a similar vision, ultimately dreaming big and seeing past what is right in front of them looking to the success that lies ahead. Blending genres of pop and dance, the catchy and upbeat track leaves listeners wanting to sing along “over and over again” and move to the music.


Lucy Burke is a talented singer-songwriter based in Sydney, Australia who has a true knack for telling stories through her music and her love of song writing oozes within each track. “Vicinity” follows the success of previous tracks where Lucy believes each song deserves its moment in the sun.


Often experimenting with her producers and band members, Lucy moves from genre to genre, truly letting the songs stand for themselves. Boasting a wide range of genres she has dipped her toes in such as acoustic pop, folk, funk, electronic, jazz and dance, Lucy opens up her fan base and leaves them eagerly wanting to know what’s next from each new release.


With such a diverse catalogue of tracks, it is no surprise the range of artists that influence Lucy’s music include Norah Jones, Ed Sheeran, The Beatles, Portishead and Eva Cassidy. Similar to many of her influences, Lucy has the ability to win over listeners with a single chord.



Performing alongside her stellar live band, Lucy has become a key act in the Sydney music scene and gives the audience what they want with varied sound and powerful to soft vocals. Lucy can boast an impressive three studio albums to her name with the debut of the three being recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London. Lucy has sold out shows at renowned venues such as Lazybones , Foundry 616, Factory Theatre and Camelot Lounge and her accolades don’t stop there, featuring at the Australian Songwriters Awards and performing in 2017 at The Sydney Football Stadium.


“Vicinity” the new catchy and upbeat pop dance track by Lucy Burke is out now on all major streaming platforms.








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