MACY Releases “Pink Bandana”, A Zestful Pop song That Continues A Sterling Start To the industry

Published on 19 January 2022 at 18:48

Photo: Callum O'Keefe

By Angus SInclair


MACY’s bouncy, vibrant style is clear in an instant. A colourful and quirky approach to her passion encapsulates her brand of music and reflects an endearing personality to partner her talent. 


Pink Bandana”, MACY’s first release of 2022, indeed continues this approach to her song writing, albeit through candid and evocative undertones. 


Compelling instrumentals pave the way for convincing and catchy vocals, perfectly suited for a career at the top of an extremely competitive industry.  


MACY grasps clear pop influences and redefines them, creating a melodic, even tranquil sound which is aptly conveyed in her music.


The funky feel to her music has a sincere touch, continuing a story about heartache through the eyes of an odyssey through adolescence – initially, MACY is blissfully unaware of the issues that love will open in the future, but opens up to allow listeners to resonate with the impactful lyrics.


Owain Felstead – an exciting artist in his own right – takes the reins on the track’s mastering and serves as the producer, completing a refined sound to compliment MACY’s style. 


“Pink Bandana” is the first song to be included in the anticipated new EP, with the release slated for later this year, and if the first track is anything to go by, fans are in for a real treat.


Previous popular releases include “Sweet Honey”, “Rainbow Eyes”, “Wait”, “I’m Good”, and “WORDS4LUV”, with the latter the titular name for her first EP WORDS4LUV.  



Listening to MACY’s music, it is clear to see her development as an artist, with a high ceiling soaring even higher with every release. 


With notable pairplays including BBC Introducing, BBC WALES, Amazing Radio USA/UK, Radio Cardiff, Reform Radio, the artist’s burgeoning career has already mounted steam, and is no doubt set to rise to higher levels as popularity grows. 


Having recently joined the WILD management ROSTER, MACY will be no doubt thrilled at the opportunity to perform her first events since the coronavirus pandemic, with a notable headline showing at The fiddler, London. 


MACY is undoubtedly a top talent amongst the mass of aspiring pop artists, and make no mistake, MACY’s best is yet to come.






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