Published on 18 January 2022 at 15:56

Words: Adam Wright


Here we are again with a weekly round up of the week’s best indie releases. We hope you've had a good week and we hope to make this week that little bit better with this list of bangers. 


As always, we’re kicking things off with the single of the week. This week we’ve gone for the new track from the immensely exciting Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard. The tune, named ‘Break Right In’, which features lyrics that wish for a more revolutionary society, features engaging yet subtle indie rock guitar lines along with a soft vocal adds to its listenability.  The tune is taken from their anticipated debut album, due for release in February. 


Moving on and it’s the new tune from the Southampton indie rock group, Regent. The track, called ‘Let’s Go Out’, lives up to its name and delivers an explosive ode to late night shenanigans, complete with infectious guitar licks and a powerful rhythm section. 


The next tune comes from indie pop band, VALA. The group have crafted their sound through the cross-pollination of both pop and rock influences. The result is showcased in their latest track, ‘You Don’t Want My Love’, which utilizes melodic guitar lines to gentle vocals craft a dreamy soundscape. 


Next up is Honey Moon’s new one. The trio are based in South London and have been winning praise from the likes of 6Music and a certain Elton John. They have delivered true originality with the new tune, called ‘Stop and Listen’, which features a brass section amongst its infectious guitar lines. Stop and Listen? How could we not. 


Speaking of bands not short of critical acclaim this next one from Hippo Campus is sure to peak your interest. Their new tune, ‘Ride Or Die’ is the third to be taken from the group’s forthcoming third album and has cemented the group’s relevance in the indie-pop scene beyond doubt. 


Next is the new track from the Indie band, Sarpa Salpa. Their latest single, ‘Somebody’ dropped on Friday and is the preamble of sorts to their upcoming UK tour. The new track sets the tone for the tour, featuring a similar indulgent synth pop sound to what we’ve come to expect from the band and has done well in setting the scene for a promising 2022. 


Next up is a particularly exciting one. Katy Alex has returned with a new addition to her fast-expanding discography. This tune, ‘Glow’ is the Liverpudlian’s first drop of 2022 and features a dance-infused electronic musical core with a lyric dripping in attitude. Featured artist Kingdom Rapper adds an extra layer of groove to give the track yet more danceability. 


This week's final track comes from Salvation Jayne, yet another band that has been grabbing the attention within the indie scene. The track, named ‘Diadem’ is taken from their forthcoming album and features an overall edgy and complex take on the indie rock genre. One thing is for sure, we can’t wait for the album to arrive. 


You can listen to all of the above releases on our Spotify Playlist here

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