The Blossoming JAZ KUTASSY Releases Brilliant New Single "Missed Opportunity"

Published on 28 January 2022 at 18:20



With influences ranging from bedroom pop artists such as Lizzy Mcalpine, Sigrid and Sody to more indie bands such as Catfish and The Bottlemen, The Wombats, and Lewis Watson, you can hear the mesh of genres throughout Jaz Kutassy’s music.


The Swindon-based artist impressed from the offset of her musical career, and with the release of ‘Missed Opportunity’, her third creation thus far, she builds momentum at the start of the new year.


One thing you need to know before taking a plunge into the emotional vortex of Jaz Kutassy’s latest release is that it was a creation born out of a zoom call. And once you take that dive into the song, you will be left questioning how such a good song came from it.


Because seriously, this one is a hidden gem.


Holding onto the song for over a year, after writing the lyrics during the turmoil of the 2020 lockdown, ‘Missed Opportunity’ has finally been released, and it explores the detail of holding onto the scenarios that are no longer healthy for you, and the opportunities you can miss when you’re holding onto the past.


It is a personal account of getting wrapped up in specific moments. In the latest piece of her musical jigsaw puzzle, Jaz pairs anthemic, emotive backing vocals with invigorating guitar riffs and relatable lyrics to fully immerse every listener.



Jaz Kutassy has headed into 2022 with a bang, but we are sure that this really is just the beginning for this blossoming new talent. Having expressed her excitement over her progress in 2021, signposting it as a year of growth and change, we expect Jaz to cruise through 2022 at full-tilt. 







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