MAEVE KELLEY Releases Energetic And Sassy Single "Got Away"

Published on 29 January 2022 at 12:56



An attitude that belongs on the catwalk, a glittering charm that affiliates itself with a red ruby, and a musical talent that deserves to straddle itself in the highest of peaks, Maeve Kelley’s latest song ‘Got Away’ is a treasure chest, filled to the brim with energy and sass.


Written at the age of seventeen, of which was embroiled in heartbreak for the Boston-born singer/songwriter, the latest track oozes with all the unmatched angst and rage of a heart-shattered teenage girl, hungry for karmic revenge. 


For Maeve Kelley, Music as an expression has always been intrinsic to the life of the 23-year-old songstress. Remembering writing songs as early as age seven, naturally Maeve is already reaching her pinnacle performances, but has all the potential to go further. 


Having a plethora of musical experience before the release of her first 2022 single, the young musician has hit the high notes in previous releases such as ‘Baby Blue’, while citing past great artists such as Amy Winehouse and Frank Sinatra along her journey. 



‘Got Away’ scolds an ex-lover, ominously stating that “someday, you’re gonna regret the way you treated me.” Talking of its release, Maeve says: “Five years later, I got the opportunity to record & co-produce it at Atlantic Records Studios with my repeat collaborator, Juan Fleischer.”


It was then mixed by the talented Paul Bailey and mastered by Grammy-winner John Greenham. From head-to-toe, Got Away is jam-packed with energy—driven by rhythmic guitars & punchy drum lines. 


“As the song progresses, dozens of vocal stacks and strings are layered in, welcoming listeners to scream-sing along. With this song, I intended to both lyrically and sonically play with the typically romantic/nostalgic societal concept of “the one who got away” by transporting it into a new context that feels more like a naval battleground than a daydream.”





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