GAZ PRICE Opens His Account For The Year With Thrilling New Single “Down The Road”

Published on 5 February 2022 at 15:03

By Angus SInclair


Gaz Price is back after gaining steam in his musical career last year; yesterday releasing his first single of 2022, “Down the Road” reminds people of their brilliance, dazzling with slick production and powerful vocals.


Starting his musical journey in the port town of Hartlepool, famed for its fishing heritage and music culture, the 27-year-old has attracted an endearing following as he looks to climb his way up the ladder of the indie rock industry.


Speaking of his new track, Gaz expresses the thinking behind the meaning of the music:

Down The Road is a song about real people going about their lives. It may not always go to plan or be perfect in any way. But that will never diminish our happiness and pride in who we are.”


One of the things that brings people back for more is Gaz’s candid storytelling, the honest lyrics that go in tandem with the innate musical talent.


In "Down the Road", Gaz speaks of real people. Real people experiencing the highs and lows of life, and how things don’t always go as one would want or expect.  Sometimes they do, but the crux of the song is that people should remember their worth and joy that they are who they are, unique and brilliant. 


Gaz started his journey in 2020, with the release of a six-track EP. This initial accomplishment paved the way for three more single releases in 2021, with “The Muskerz are coming” and “Chase the Sun” achieving notable success.


But the new song, Down the Road, might just be Gaz’s best yet. His intrinsic ability to combine meaning with finely crafted instrumental speaks volumes and shows a clear path of progress. 


GAZ seems to be improving each time he presents a new release, and honestly, the sky's the limit for the talented artist. 


The crash and clash of the drumbeat is ferocious, and the roar of the electric guitar creates a focussed and upbeat sound; you are helpless to find yourself drawn into the vibrancy of Gaz’s craft.


Venues such as The Cluny in Newcastle, KU BAR in Stockton, and The Cavern Club in Liverpool have already seen GAZ capture crowds with fine performances, whilst performing back in his hometown with gigs dappled around the town. 


Gaz has dreams, dreams of international acclaim and record sales. These are aspirations of all who pursue a career in the music industry, but Gaz has the talent, the presence, the musical craftsmanship. Simply, Gaz just has ‘it’.  


Improving every time, Down the road is evidence of Gaz’s passion and tenacity. The year is young, and Gaz is sure to be back with further bangers to continue his rise to prominence. 


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