CALLUM GIBSON Returns With Heartfelt And Candid Third Single “See Your Understanding”

Published on 5 February 2022 at 19:42

By Angus SInclair


Callum Gibson has yesterday released his third single “See your understanding”, captivating and emotional as he cries for reconciliation through his music.


The vocals are sincere and are aptly complimented by the simplicity of the track, with the melodic acoustic guitar serving as the partner to Gibson’s powerful voice. 


Gibson’s partnership with his guitar serves him extremely well and is something that not all artists are able to get right. 


Music often flourishes with the combination of different instruments, spearheaded by a vocalist to leave the audience satisfied and eager for more.


Gibson needs no such complexity to leave his mark, with his powerful voice dictating the music and weaving intricately between the strum of the acoustic. 


Explaining the meaning behind the music, Gibson said:

“See your Understanding is my 3rd release and my most favourite so far. It’s a song about a person who is tired of the relationship they are in because their partner just can’t compromise on anything - Basically where the title comes from. “


The track fades with emphasis on the title, with Gibson calling for understanding and a resolution to the tension, allowing for a return to better terms.


Less than one year ago, Gibson released his debut single “Summer”, followed shortly after by “Hang in the Sky”, with his latest release completing a triad of tracks to lay the foundation for future endeavours. 



His music thus far has been well-received, with online gigs throughout the global pandemic the initial phase for this blossoming singer songwriter. 


He has caught the eye of various online music blogs and radio stations, with listeners left impressed by the originality on show and the ‘powerful and raw’ vocals that set him apart from other aspiring indie artists.


Gibson has been out gigging in Dublin as his career gains steam, and he has succeeded in releasing three fantastic singles to get the ball in motion for a career in the industry. 


The profound and emotional touch to his music will work wonders, Gibson may be young, but his creativity and musical understanding goes beyond his years, and will serve him well as he leaves his mark.


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