Alt-Rock Duo HARSH LANGUAGE Release New Track "Melancholia"

Published on 6 February 2022 at 07:33



Riffing on a lifelong love for guitar music, while embracing samples, synths, and sounds to create an emotive wall of melodic noise, Harsh Language is an up and coming alt-rock duo from London who have brought out their latest single, ‘Melancholia’.


After receiving arousing success with their 2020 debut EP, ‘Distortions’, the passionate and mysterious duo exemplify a greed to go a step further in the first release of their upcoming second EP, taking influences from further afield, with heavier rock and electronica being added to their repertoire. 


The lyrics to ‘Melancholia’ are inspired by the general apathy that the world seems to be feeling right now towards some major factors in people’s lives - the track takes a look into climate crisis and the corruption in country hierarchies, as people look to find a way back from two years spent in a global pandemic. 



‘Melancholia’ is a powerful, emotive track that tries to capture the misery and gloom felt from an uncertain future. Using punk-like sounds, along with dead-serious lyrics, this new track is bound to find asylum in the heads of those who feel distant from their past lives - the lives we lived before the fear of a pandemic. 








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