JOSH HOLMES Releases Perfect Indie-Pop Song "Fall In Love Again"

Published on 6 February 2022 at 07:49



‘Fall In Love Again’ is Josh Holmes’ fifth single as a solo artist and the first of 2022, and he has already received constant support from big names, gaining 43k streams in his first nine months in the industry. For this song, he has released an upbeat, toe-tapping earworm that’s certain to make his fans sing along. 


The latest single in Josh’s collection originates from a personal experience which centres itself on the axis of spending time with someone where you’re able to just block out the rest of the world and focus entirely on each other. Whether it’s reminiscing over your favourite TV shows, or dancing under streetlights, it’s finding that one thing that makes two people ‘Fall In Love Again’.


As already said here on Our Sound Music, Josh’s music making capabilities means that he is more than capable of producing the ‘perfect indie-pop song’, and that statement has become no truer than through his latest single.


Four brilliant songs came before this one, but there’s no doubt Josh Holmes is slowing down anytime soon. He is locked, loaded, and ready to tackle 2022 with both hands. 





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