THE UTOPIATES’ Brilliance Is Clear From Single “Devolution”, And Might Just Be The Catalyst For A Prominent Career

Published on 11 February 2022 at 21:54

By Angus Sinclair


The kaleidoscope explosion of sounds that blast through any of The Utopiates’ tracks leave a lingering and profound impression, enticing listeners and engulfing them with their skill at creating music of the highest quality.  With their new single “Devolution” the five-piece have possibly just cracked the code for the next level of their musical career, one that will catapult them up the ranks. 


"Devolution" is the tantalising preview to their forthcoming debut album set to grace major platforms in the future, leaving a teaser of further fantastic tunes to come.   The song tells a tale of devolution, the slide towards a lower state of being. It tells a story of a fall from grace and plays on the emotions of the listener to great effect by highlighting many of the salient issues that humanity is beset with today. 


Alongside the message, flowing rhythmic undertones mix with distorted elements to maintain the enigmatic and unique brand.  The band members - Dan Popplewell (vocals/guitar), Ed Godshaw (keys), Josh Redding (lead guitar), Luke Nottingham (bass), and Joe Jeffreys (drums) – started from the bottom and are indeed basking in the novelty of a ‘rags to riches’ tale. 


In the beginning, music was crafted in frontman Popplewell’s bedroom, and the perseverance has now paid off with the band now situated at the Nave Studios in Leeds, aided by producer Andy HawkinsThe ingenuity of The Utopiates’ music sets them apart, it really does. In a ferocious and competitive industry, creativity and tenacity can prove the difference and aid a rise to the very top.


The techno underbelly that has become the crux of their alternative rock and roll presence is evident immediately, with a distinctive and nostalgic sound blasting from the off. Jeffreys’ apt percussion skills weave against Redding’s roaring electric riffs, with Hawkins’ mastery of the production leaving a professional and vibrant final piece. 


The progress that has been made in such a short time certainly bodes well for future endeavours, with the eclectic range of talents grabbing more fans by the day. Indeed, the lads have a commendable talent for crafting longer songs. Via a survey conducted in 2020, the average song on major streaming platform Spotify stands at 3:17, with Devolution – which runs for 3:45 – the bands shortest track to date.



The acclaim stems largely through the success of “Only Human”, funky, exuberant, and hopelessly catchy, boasting an alternative tech-heavy edge that merges beautifully with the hint of indie rock.


The Utopiates will commence their upcoming tour in just over two months’ time, blessing The Water Rats, London on April 01 and The Finsbury, London on May 07. 


After forming in January of last year, The Utopiates have turned the right heads, and have earned praise from figures such as esteemed BBC Radio 6 Music DJ, Steve Lamacq


Couple that with their headline tour that took place last December, and views online that have made that gorgeous million mark, and the future of this band is clear for all to see. If “Devolution” is anything to go by, the imminent debut album is going to take the world by storm. Halt the day, turn alerts on, brace yourself; this might just be the start of something special.

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2 years ago

I totally concur. Have had the pleasure of seeing these lads Live on a few occasions in 2021 and was at the Devolution launch party recently where they smashed it again. Their songs are brilliant to listen to on stream but I would urge everyone to go to their gigs to fully appreciate their talent.