"I'm No Good (At Any Sports)" The Full-Bodied New Single From DUDE SAFARI Is Out Today

Published on 11 February 2022 at 16:04



Today, alternative grunge-rock outfit Dude Safari released the explosive ‘I’m No Good (At Any Sports)’, the relentless follow up to September’s ‘Doom & Gloom’, which saw the band receive huge editorial and radio support. 


Bursting with infectious grunge hooks that are better suited in Seattle, massive choruses, and a massive rhythm section, Dude Safari refuse to pull any punches in their newest stomping tune. In the space of just a few seconds, you can see why the band are garnering such hype, despite only releasing five singles thus far. 


They are simply chaotic… in a good way.


‘I’m No Good (At Any Sports)’ rips through the ears of anyone who dares to take a trip with Dude Safari, building on their reputation for producing humongous hooks, before plunging their fans into a tantalising half time outro section which cements their position as a 2022 one to watch.



From the brutal and unrelenting drums to the razor-sharp wall of guitars that Cobain would be proud of, accompanied by the more delicate help from producer Jake Day, Dude Safari have brought out their best release so far. This one is as full-bodied as ever, but we love it.


Dude Safari are ridiculously only six months into their existence, so with this newest release showing so much talent already, it leaves you pondering just how far this full-tilted band can go.






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