FINDING BELLA Release Infectious Debut Single "Good Right Now"

Published on 11 February 2022 at 15:45



Finding Bella have released their debut single ‘Good Right Now’, and straight from the first second, to the very last, the band showcase a severe antagonism towards progressive music. In their first song, they turn the heat up to the max and never show any sign of slowing down.


The new Worcestershire five-piece are eager to impress on their first track as a band. Together, they emanate an infectious concoction of indie melodies, with their sound once described as ‘Kasabian featuring The Libertines recorded in the 90’s.’ In their own words, they strive to transmit a ‘fusion of guitar-led indie sounds, laced with trance-like synth’ that leaves crowds hungry for more.


And with the release of ‘Good Right Now’, you can already sense that Finding Bella will possess an immense level of authority when you put them on a stage. Hypnotic waves of synth and warm bass undertones are bound to captivate the crowd, as a lease of new energy courses through the listener's ears from the offset.



Their debut single is a self-expression of their experiences so far, aptly describing the universal feeling of the band when writing and performing their music.  But, if their statement release is anything to go by, Finding Bella’s experiences are about to get a whole lot bigger.


You can listen to "Good Right Now", the debut single From Finding Bella below.







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