Welcome To “Saudade”, The Brilliant New Alt-Folk Grunge Album From SUBTERRANEAN STREET SOCIETY

Published on 11 February 2022 at 12:52

Words: Kyle Anderson


Unique to the Portuguese language, “Saudade” is closely related to the traditional folk  music of Portugal and it expresses a longing feeling of nostalgia or melancholia. This seven-track album by Subterranean Street Society brings all of the nostalgic feelings to the forefront of their music.


Given high praise with lyrics being described as Dylan-esque, Puggaard-Müller has written some powerful lyrics which have been brought to life via strings, choirs, horns, soundscapes and samples, allowing Subterranean Street Society to explore a new sonic territory whilst giving a nod to the Portuguese traditional folk roots.


“Saudade” brings together a collection of seven songs re-telling a turbulent period of lyricist Puggaard-Müller and in particular his love life. Not knowing whether to move back to Denmark after splitting up with his long-time Dutch lover and couch surfing all over Holland to finding a new love interest , each track takes listeners through this tumultuous time.


Subterranean Street Society are a Danish-Dutch trio that play a mix of folk, grunge and alternative music. Through Puggaard-Müller’s lyrics they tell tales of life travelling between festivals, venues and busking across the streets of Europe. Musically they bring their tracks to listeners with vintage cassette tape noise, steel metal resonator guitars, dark beating drums and heavily overdriven hollowbody bass guitars. The instrumentation combines perfectly with the road worn voice telling poetic tales about romantic love , vagabonds and tragic heroes.


The talented trio take inspiration from recent music by Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, Nick Cave and Fink and have set themselves the challenge of moving towards a more symphonic sound. The band have been together since 2016 and have seen a great deal of success touring worldwide including tours in Germany, Denmark, Russia, UK, Italy and Holland and having their music feature in the original Netflix series  “Ragnarok”. Combining with their performances on “2 Meter Sessies”, the Dutch TV show, and gaining critical acclaim for their previous album “Twelve Steps”, Subterranean Street Society have an explosive , rough and unpredictable live side to their performances which fans have loved.


“Saudade” the new album from Subterranean Street Society is out now on all major streaming platforms.


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