EMILY PARISH Releases Angelic New EP "Don't Need Much"

Published on 11 February 2022 at 10:42



Delicate, Pragmatic, graceful, and serene - these are just some of the words that came to my mind when I first logged on to listen to Emily Parish’s new EP. ‘Don’t Need Much’ is a marvellous fusion of four tracks, new and old, that perfectly shows off Emily’s inexhaustible, creative mind.


Emily’s music is as pure as the driven snow, and the opening track, which is the title-song of the EP, is divine in all senses of the word. Velvety vocals are wrapped up in an atmospheric beat that takes the listeners on a journey of romance and relationships in the mind of the talented musician. 


It is an opening song that sets the ball rolling for Emily as she encompasses the themes of everyday life, from romance to her working life and wanting more from her 20’s. Pieced together to rejuvenate her creative spark, Emily now feels like a musician again, with ‘Don’t Need Much’ being the catalyst to an enigmatic return to her musical authority.


What follows the opening song are the equally seraphic melodies of ‘Moonbeam’, a reimagined version of her hit single ‘Didn’t See You Leaving’, and an alternative version of ‘Don’t Need Much.’


Seam after seam, lyric after lyric, melody after melody, Emily Parish’s newest EP sounds like something you’d hear in the heavens rather than on Earth. Her voice is heavenly, angelic, calming. And she uses it to the best of her ability in ‘Moonbeam’.


The best thing about Emily’s EP is that she is in the know about what her strengths and weaknesses are. She knows exactly what she’s good at, and she uses her strengths to the best of her ability to bring us an impressive return to her delicate soundscapes.


We hope that the success this EP sees motivates Emily to continue to work hard to bring us more angelic releases in the future, because her path is quite clearly one that straddles somewhere in the music scene. *** 1/2


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